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St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson Conference Call WIth New Orleans Media

St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If Sam Bradford is unable to play, how does that affect how big of a load you’re going to have to carry?

“Sam coming back is going to affect the way we approach the game.  If he’s not available to us Sunday, I think you can expect us to continue to be heavy on the running game and continue to try to make sure we execute our game plan to the best of our ability and not give the New Orleans Saints more opportunities as an offense by protecting the ball and not allowing them to create turnovers which they’re really good at.”

With the World Series going on there and the tough start you guys have gotten off to, does that make it tough to come to work every day?

“No, it’s business as usual.  I’ve been here eight years.  I don’t get my feelings caught up in things going on around me, especially something that’s not football.  This is a professional game.  We’re all professionals and you have to treat it as such.”

You guys barely missed the playoffs last season.  How have you and your teammates handled the reversal this season?

“We’re doing well.  Everyone’s working hard.  The approach is like week one.  The most important thing is getting that first win and from there build off of that.”

Does the comeback the St. Louis Cardinals had in September provide some inspiration for you guys?

“What the Cardinals have been able to do is quite inspirational.  They’re motivating but we all have to realize it’s two different leagues, two different approaches, and that what we have here as far as a football team is that we’re a very talented football team.  We just haven’t been able to put 60 minutes of football together.  Either the defense plays really well one week and the offense lacks or vice versa.  Our goal now is to get all three phases of the game and put together a complete game and hopefully come out with a win.”

What did you see on film of the Saints defense on Sunday night?

“To be honest with you, we don’t run what the Indianapolis Colts run.  That’s not a particular game I would want to study and break down.”


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