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New Orleans Saints S Malcolm Jenkins Conference Call (Nov, 16, 2011)

New Orleans Saints S Malcolm Jenkins

Conference Call

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What are your thoughts on the timing of your bye week this season?

"I think it's a good spot. You are going ten games straight and for us to be first in the division we're right where we want to be. We still have a couple more tough games to finish out. It will be a good week for us to get healthy and get rested up then come back and get to work for the next six weeks.

What are you doing for the bye week? Since it's been such a long season and such a grind do you try to get away from it all?

"I am kind of workaholic. I am still in town and I will be here till Friday. I will hang around and I am still watching some film on the Giants. I will get up to Ohio State this weekend to check out their game against Penn State. It's still a crucial part of the season. It's not the time to take completely off. We have to continue to get better so that process continues through the bye week. It may not be as intense but I will check out some film and see what's going on."

We have talked before about how far back you guys stand from the line of scrimmage and you guys missed a couple tackles against Atlanta. Does that mess you up that you have to cover so much ground?

"No, there is reason for us to play back there we are not just doing it out of habit. I think it plays well for what our defense does. Usually if, the ball gets to me then we are not doing something the right way up front. Those are tackles I have to make.

"There are times when they put me down in the box and I get to move around a little bit it's all about our defensive scheme and usually when I am making those tackles, those aren't the tackles I am supposed to be making but it is what it is."

Roman Harper played an outstanding game against the Falcons. Obviously the dropped interception looked like it might haunt you guys and that's exactly the type of things you guys have been talking about all year 'need to make the play when you have the opportunity.' Have you guys had a chance to meet on that since Atlanta?

"No, we have only met once since (Falcons game) it's a reoccurring thing. It has been an emphasis. There really is nothing else we can do. There is nothing else to talk about. It is something we literally talk about every day and work on every day. It's just as simple as making the play. If we catch that the game is over but at the same time we are still going to do what we need to do to win.

"The difference in us catching the ball is going to take us from being a good defense to a suffocating, dominant defense. When we can make those plays, that is when we will really separate ourselves and be the defense that we want to be. Right now, we are good. We are doing enough to win games. We complement our offense but when we want to be a dominant defense we will take advantage of all those opportunities."


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