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Time is now for more Chris Ivory

Chris Ivory (#29) impressed in his first regular season action of the 2012 regular season as the Saints downed the Eagles (Photo: Parker Waters).Chris Ivory (#29) impressed in his first regular season action of the 2012 regular season as the Saints downed the Eagles (Photo: Parker Waters).

There is no denying that the New Orleans Saints are well stocked at the running back position.

We all love Darren Sproles, the king of all purpose yards, and we'll never forget Pierre Thomas' heroics in the Super Bowl and those super seasons. But, am I the only one who feels a certain thrill when Chris Ivory is in the Saints backfield?

I'm neither an NFL coach nor an "expert" but he just adds something that i think the team lacks. The dude looks mean. He looks angry. And he runs hard and mean. When Mike Tyson was king of the ring, one expert said that Mighty Mike "Hit with bad intentions." Well, Chris Ivory runs with bad intentions. If you want to tackle him, you're getting hit and hit hard.

On Monday night, as I watched him zig and zag on his 22 yard gallop to the end zone, all I could think was, how much he looked like a wild mustang, Dressed in black, with a big body for a back and dreadlocks flowing from his glimmering gold helmet, he is an imposing and intimidating force and with his speed and power he is a force to be reckoned with.

Why hasn't he seen more action this year? Again, I am not a coach nor, contrary to what some believe, I don't have a pipeline to decision making for the franchise. My guess? Between the king of all purpose yards, Darren Sproles, and the experience of Pierre Thomas plus the high expectations of Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram, there just wasn't enough room on the roster or the backfield for Ivory. In high school, you can dress just about as many guys as you have varsity uniforms for. In the NFL, there are limits and Chris Ivory fell just outside those limits...until now.

No doubt the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees will miss the sensationally all purpose Sproles, who ranks, perhaps, as the Saints' best free agent acquisition since Brees. But with Ivory and either Thomas or Ingram as his side kick in the backfield, longtime Saints fans have to think it could be a modern day version of Chuck Muncie and Tony Galbreath. That duo, known as Thunder and Lightning, lit up the field and had Who Dats back in the Hank Stram era thinking Super Bowl when just a winning season was still a few years... and coaches... away.

I don't design the offense, but I'd love to see two back sets with Sproles, Ingram, or Thomas paired with Chris Ivory. Bad intentions for opposing defenses, good intentions for the Black and Gold.


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