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This Week in Saints History: February 20-26

February 20th

1980—Saints hired Fred Glick as defensive backs coach and promoted Ed Beard to defensive coordinator. Former defensive backs coach Chet Franklin resigned to work for Oakland.

Today's birthdays:

Nate Bussey—Born in 1989 (Linebacker 2011 post season)

Greg Knafelc—Born in 1959 (Tight end 1983)

Adam Schrieber—Born in 1962 (Guard 1985)

T.J. Slaughter—Born in 1977 (Linebacker 2005)

Wally Williams—Born in 1971 (Guard 1999-2002)

February 21st

1969—After initially denying the Lions Club the use of Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge to sponsor a Saints versus Steelers pre-season game scheduled for August 23, the LSU Board of Supervisors made an about-face and allowed the group to do so for 10 percent of the proceeds or $15,000, whichever was larger.

1976—Saints hired Alvin Roy as strength & conditioning coach.

1977—Saints hired Dick Nolan as linebackers coach, he had previously been head coach of the 49ers.

Today's birthdays:

Terry Allen--Born in 1968 (Running back 2000)

Julian Fagan—Born in 1948 (Punter 1970-72)

Jim Pietrzak—Born in 1953 (Center 1979-84) Regular on special teams

February 22nd

1971—Saints hired Marv Matusak as linebackers coach.

1975—Saints hired Billy Ray Barnes as special teams coach, this is his second tour of duty with the Saints.

2005—Defensive end Darren Howard was designated franchise player while safety Jay Bellamy was re-signed.

February 23rd

1964—New Orleans Pro Football Club Inc. president Dave Dixon announced two more NFL exhibition games for the Crescent City: August 8th between the Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Cardinals as well as September 5th between the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys.

1971—Saints receivers coach Billy Ray Barnes steps down to join the Atlanta Falcons.

2000—Saints signed San Diego Chargers nose tackle Norman Hand in free agency.

Today's birthdays:

Jake Ingram—Born in 1985 (Center 2010)

Rick Venturi—Born in 1946 (interim head coach 1996, assistant coach 1996-2005-LBs & DBs)

February 24th

Today's birthdays:

Sam Holden—Born in 1947 (Tackle 1971)—native New Orleanian (Xavier Prep & St. Augustine H.S.)

Wilmont Perry—Born in 1975 (Running back 1998-99)

Don Schwartz—Born in 1956 (Safety 1978-80)

Ed Simonini—Born in 1955 (Linebacker 1982)

Greg Westbrooks—Born in 1953 (Linebacker 1975-77)

February 25th

1971—Saints signed Charlie Tate as offensive backfield coach, he previously coached at the University of Miami.

1993—Saints designated three players as transition players under the NFL's new free-agency plan (kicker Morten Andersen, guard Jim Dombrowski, and center Joel Hilgenberg). Transition tags required the players to be paid the average of the top 10 NFL players at their position for one season. Saints had eight restricted and 15 unrestricted free agents.

Today's birthdays:

Jack DeGrenier—Born in 1951 (Fullback 1974)

February 26th

1980—Saints hired Lou Riecke (LSU) as strength and conditioning coach.

Today's birthdays:

Trevor Johnson—Born in 1981 (Defensive end 2006)

Mike Lemon—Born in 1951 (Linebacker 1975)


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