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This Week in Saints History: February 27-March 5

The Saints took a leap in a 'leap year' to trade for linebacker Jonathan Vilma in 2008.The Saints took a leap in a 'leap year' to trade for linebacker Jonathan Vilma in 2008.

February 27th

Today's birthdays:

Paul Seal—Born in 1952 (Tight end 1974-76)

February 28th

1998—Saints signed in free agency RB Lamar Smith from the Seahawks.

Today's birthdays:

Josh Bullocks—Born in 1983 (Safety 2005-08)

Eric Moore—Born in 1981 (Defensive end 2006)

Jess Phillips—Born in 1947 (Running back 1973-74)

February 29th

2008—Saints traded a fourth round pick in 2008 to the Jets in return for LB Jonathan Vilma.

Today's birthdays:

Darian Barnes—Born in 1980 (Fullback 2008)

Monte Kiffin—Born in 1944 (Defensive coordinator 1995)

March 1st

1967—Saints hired Walt Yowarsky as offensive line coach; he was MVP of the 1951 Sugar Bowl with the Kentucky Wildcats.

1993—The NFL's first-ever true free agency period begins and runs thru July 15.

Today's birthdays:

Les Miller—Born in 1965 (Defensive end/defensive tackle 1991-94)

Austin Robbins—Born in 1971 (Defensive tackle 1996-99)

John Shinners—Born in 1947 (Guard 1969-70) First round draft choice in '69

Dave Stachelski—Born in 1977 (Tight end 2000-01)

Don Talbert—Born in 1940 (Tackle 1969-70) Set NFL precedent with Saints by becoming the first known player to face off directly across the line of scrimmage from his brother (DT Diron of Rams in game three of '69).

*Joe Wendryhoski—Born in 1938 (Center 1967-68) Passed away November 6, 2008; he never missed an offensive snap in his two years as an original Saints player as well

March 2nd

1970—Saints traded TE Jim Hester and an undisclosed draft choice to the Bears in return for defensive lineman Lloyd Phillips (who didn't make the Saints regular season roster).

2012—News breaks that the NFL was formally investigating Saints for having a bounty fund created by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams (with team from 2009-2011) where he and 22-27 players allegedly put money in a pool that was given out based on significant defensive plays including hits causing injuries to opponents.

Today's birthdays:

Cliff Austin—Born in 1960 (Running back 1983)

Reggie Bush—Born in 1985 (Running back 2006-10) Part of Superbowl 44 team, first round draft choice in 2006.

Chuck Commiskey—Born in 1958 (Guard 1986-88)

Ron Crosby—Born in 1955 (Linebacker 1981)

Billy Newsome—Born in 1948 (Defensive tackle 1973-74) Traded to Saints from Colts for 1st round pick '73.

March 3rd

Today's birthdays:

Tyrone Anthony—Born in 1962 (Running back 1983-84)

Jed Collins—Born in 1986 (Fullback 2011-present)

Johnny Fuller—Born in 1946 (Safety 1973-75)

Marcus Price—Born in 1972 (Tackle 2000-01) attended LSU

Pat Saindon—Born in 1964 (Guard 1986)

March 4th

1982—Saints hired Andy Everest as tight ends coach, the previous season he worked for the Saints as a scout. Everest is recognized as the first-ever special teams coach in NFL history.

2003—Saints signed running back Aaron Stecker to a four-year contract in free agency; Fred Thomas (cornerback) re-signed to a four-year deal.

Today's birthdays:

Pat Swoopes—Born in 1964 (Defensive end 1987, 1989)

March 5th

1998—Saints traded CB Eric Allen to the Raiders for a '98 4th round pick.

2005—Saints signed guard Jermane Mayberry to a free agent contract.

2009—Saints signed free agent cornerback Jabari Greer to a contract.

Today's birthdays:

Marques Douglas—Born in 1977 (Defensive end 2000)

Terrence Holt—Born in 1980 (Defensive back 2008)

*Earl Leggett—Born in 1934 (Defensive tackle 1967-68) Passed away May 15, 2008; his son Brad would play for the Saints in 1991, making them the first father-son pair to do so. Earl was an original Saints player

Carl Nicks—Born in 1983 (Guard 2008-present) Part of Super Bowl XLIV team.

Joe Scarpati—Born in 1943 (Safety 1970) Held football for Tom Dempsey's NFL record 63-yard field goal.


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