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This Week in Saints History: May 1-7

May 1st

1984—College draft held with the Saints giving up a first round pick for Jets QB Richard Todd. Players that made the regular season squad from this draft include James "Jumpy" Geathers (DE 2nd rd.), Terry Hoage (S 3rd), Tyrone Anthony (RB 3rd), Joel Hilgenberg (C/G 4th), Jitter Fields (PR 5th), Don Thorp (DT 6th), and Brian Hansen (P 9th).

1986—Saints director of scouting Joe Woolley and scout Bobby Baldwin are released. Scouting department is reorganized under new director of player personnel Bill Kuharich.

1987—Construction begins on first of three phases of Superdome improvements, mainly the creation of 28 suites in the loge level (now called club level).

1998—Saints sign WR Sean Dawkins from the Indianapolis Colts.

Today's birthdays:

Jim Kovach—Born in 1956 (Linebacker 1979-85), he is recognized for one of the self-less acts in Saints history where after intercepting a pass vs the Bengals in 1981. He immediately ran over to the Superdome's handicapped section and gave the ball to one of the special needs children he spoke with before the game.

May 2nd

1978—College draft is held and the Saints select Florida's Wes Chandler (wide receiver) in the first round. Other draft choices that year who made the team include J.T. Taylor (T 2nd rd.), Barry Bennett (DE 3rd), Don Schwartz (SS 4th), Eric Felton (CB 5th), Brooks Williams (TE 8th), and Larry Hardy (TE 12th). The Saints also gave up a 10th round pick in return for Giants linebacker Pat Hughes.

1978—Saints officially announce their sideline dance team has been re-named from Bonnes Amies to Angels.

2012—NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces suspensions stemming from the Saints bounty gate scandal. Linebacker Jonathan Vilma is suspended for the entire 2012 season, DE Will Smith is suspended for the first four regular season games, former Saints DT Anthony Hargrove is suspended for eight games (with Green Bay in 2012), and former Saints LB Scott Fujita suspended for three games (then with Browns). The players were allowed to play in 2012 while going thru the appeal process.

May 3rd

1977—College draft is held and the Saints select defensive end Joe Campbell from Maryland in the first round. Other players who made the regular season roster from this draft include Mike Fultz (DT 2nd rd.), Dave Lafary (T 4th), Dave Hubbard (T 5th), Greg Boykin (RB 7th), Jimmy Stewart (SS 8th), Dave Knowles (T 9th), and Oakley Dalton (DT 12th). In the same draft the Saints trade a 4th round pick to the Rams in return for linebacker Ken Bordelon.

1979—College draft is held and the Saints select in the first round Kicker/Punter Russell Erxleben from Texas. Other players from that draft that made the Saints regular season roster include Reggie Mathis (LB 2nd rd.), Jim Kovach (LB 4th), & Ricky Ray (CB 6th rd.).

Today's birthdays:

Roy Schmidt—Born in 1942 (Guard 1967-68) Part of original team

Jim Van Wagner—Born in 1955 (Fullback 1978)

May 4th

1960—A group called New Orleans Professional Sports Inc. held a formal meeting at the Prince Regal Room to announce what would be the first of several regularly scheduled pro football exhibition games. The Steelers would play the Packers at City Park Stadium on August 13 to start off the series. Members of this group included Jack DeFee as V.P./Secretary, Jack Ciolino as President, and Norveil Alexander as Treasurer.

1982—Saints hire Carl Mauck to be new offensive line coach while previous OL coach Joe Spencer is moved to quality control coach.

Today's birthdays:

Herbert Harris—Born in 1961 (Wide receiver 1986-87)

Phil LaPorta—Born in 1952 (Tackle 1974-75)

May 5th

Today's birthdays:

Randall Gay—Born in 1982 (Cornerback 2008-10) Part of Superbowl 44 team

Mitch King—Born in 1986 (Defensive Tackle 2011)

Mike Taylor—Born in 1945 (Tackle 1969-70)

May 6th

1992—It's announced that the Saints will be on primetime national TV four times in the regular season, then a team record (TNT-2, ABC-1, ESPN-1).

Today's birthdays:

Joe Federspiel—Born in 1950 (Linebacker 1972-80) Saints Hall of Famer

Clarence Jones—Born in 1968 (Tackle 1996-98), the story goes he once had to be separated from head coach Mike Ditka by tackle Willie Roaf because Ditka called him a liar at a team meeting stemming over the way he was told how to block in the previous day's game.

May 7th

1993—Saints sign free agent tackle Tootie Robbins to a contract. This decision signals that star tackle Stan Brock will not be offered a contract. It was later reported that Brock and then-offensive line coach Paul Boudreau had a falling out during the 1992 season and head coach Jim Mora decided to favor Boudreau in the situation. Just over a year later, Boudreau was fired and Mora stated that he should have thought differently over the way Stan Brock was let go.

1996—Saints executive vice-president of administration Jim Miller is relieved of his duties. His last main role with the team was to oversee the move to the new facility. It was reported when Tom Benson released him that the owner stated, "...You think too much like Jim Finks." Referring to Benson wanting the club to be run more like a business instead of a football team.

2001—Saints and Nicholls State sign a new 4-year deal to keep training camp at the University; the club would only stay at NSU thru 2002 before breaking their lease using an exit clause that was not in the original contract.

Today's birthdays:

Dameian Jeffries—Born in 1973 (Defensive end 1995)


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