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This Week in Saints History: July 17-23

July 17th

1968—San Francisco wide receiver Dave Parks signed with New Orleans after playing out his contract option.

1979—Rookies reported to Saints training camp in Vero Beach, Florida (Dodgertown). Veterans reported a week later.

1990—Rookies reported to Saints training camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. This camp marks the beginning of QB Bobby Hebert's long "holdout" over a new contract (his previous contract ran out after the '89 season ended). He wound up missing the entire 1990 season (re-signed in June 1991).

Today's birthdays:

Gene McGuire—Born in 1970 (Center 1992)

Jerry Wilson—Born in 1973 (Cornerback 2001-02)

Barry Word—Born in 1964 (Fullback 1987-88), he retired two games in the 1988 season before being traded to the Chiefs in 1989.

July 18th

1967—Linebacker Steve Stonebreaker formally signed with the Saints after considering retirement following the expansion draft. When he arrived for training camp this same day, he told the Times-Picayune that he had given up hopes of remaining with the Baltimore Colts.

1973—The potential sale of the Saints to the Gillett-Palmer-O'Neal group of Chicago was on hold. Attorney Moise Stegg Jr. filed a claim in federal district court that Saints minority owner John Mecom Sr. owed him $192,000 for representing him in bankruptcy proceedings. As a result Mecom Sr.'s 15 percent stake of the Saints was in seizure until the matter was settled.

1997—Players arrive for training camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin).

Today's Birthdays:

Oakley Dalton—Born in 1952 (Defensive Tackle 1977), he was told by Saints coach Dick Nolan going into 1978 training camp that he shouldn't report if he weighed more than 325 pounds. After assuring the coach he was okay, he measured in at 396 pounds.

Rick Kingrea—Born in 1949 (Linebacker 1973-78), he attended Tulane University.

July 19th

1974—Saints traded guard Royce Smith and LB Dick Palmer to the Falcons in return for guard Andy Maurer and CB Ken Reaves. Also, QB Archie Manning showed Saints V.P.s Harry Hulmes and Dick Gordon a contract offer from the WFL's Memphis Southmen worth more than $1.5 million. Eventually Manning was given a raise by the Saints but not to the extent of the Memphis offer.

1982—Saints opened training camp at Vero Beach, Florida (Dodgertown) for rookies; veterans reported eight days later.

1986—Saints opened training camp at Hammond, Louisiana (Southeastern LA University) for rookies; veterans reported five days later.

1995—Long-time veteran kicker Morten Andersen was released by the Saints just before training camp start over refusing to take a 50 percent pay cut. Many thought the Saints did this thinking no other NFL team would have salary cap room for him. To the surprise of New Orleans, he signed with the rival Atlanta Falcons the next day. The Saints wound up losing the next 10 games to Atlanta from 1995-1999.

Today's birthdays:

Kelvin Edwards—Born in 1964 (Wide Receiver 1986)

Doug Winslow—Born in 1951 (Wide Receiver 1973)

July 20th

1967—Bert Rose was named first-ever Saints general manager. Rose was commissioner Pete Rozelle's assistant during the ownership search for New Orleans' new NFL franchise.

1970—Saints organization set up its own scouting combine with the Houston Oilers and Denver Broncos that is actually called "SOB" (Saints, Oilers, Broncos).

1994—Saints opened training camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

1995—Saints opened training camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Today's birthdays:

Chris Farasopoulos—Born in 1949 (Safety 1974)

Anthony Hargrove—Born in 1983 (Defensive Tackle 2009-10), he was part of Super Bowl XLIV team.

July 21st

1989—Saints opened training camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

1992—Saints opened training camp in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Today's birthdays:

Henry Ellard—Born in 1961 (Wide Receivers Coach 2012-present)

Kent Kramer—Born in 1944 (Tight End 1967), he was part of original Saints team

Derrius Monroe—Born in 1978 (Defensive Tackle 2002)

*Russell Paternostro—Born in 1940 (Strength & Conditioning Coach 1981-96), he passed away Dec. 28, 2012

July 22nd

1994—Saints waived inside linebacker Vaughan Johnson over issues stemming from a staph infection related to surgery that made his NFL future questionable. He would later play the second half of the '94 season with the Eagles.

2000—First-ever Saints Black and Gold Scrimmage is held at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux (John L. Guidry Stadium) at 11 a.m.

Today's birthdays:

Chris Hewitt—Born in 1974 (Safety 1997-99)

Robert Hunt—Born in 1975 (Guard 1999)

Mark Meseroll—Born in 1955 (Tackle 1978), he was a bartender after college. On the job, he supposedly met ex-Rams QB Roman Gabriel, whosuggested sending film to every NFL team of his college career. The Saints were the only team to offer to sign him.

Ray Rissmiller—Born in 1942 (Tackle 1967), he was part of original team, also called "The Singing Saint"

July 23rd

1971—First round draft choice Archie Manning signed for a reported total contract amount was $500,000 with the Saints after not reporting for the start of training camp. This signing ended a five-month stalemate between the Saints and Manning's agent Frank Crosthwait. Since he hadn't signed a contract when practices were starting at the Chicago College All-Star Game, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle would not allow Manning to practice with the Saints until August 1st.

1972—Saints traded a high undisclosed draft choice to the Dallas Cowboys in return for LB Tom Stincic.

1998—Players reported to training camp in LaCrosse, WI.

Today's birthdays:

Carl Cunningham—Born in 1944 (Linebacker 1971)

*Baron Rollins—Born in 1970 (Tackle 1994), the LA Tech alum passed away December 18, 2007.


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