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The Eyes Have It, When It Comes To Greatness

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The serious eyes of Drew Brees are always open, at least when he is on the field (Photo: Parker Waters).The serious eyes of Drew Brees are always open, at least when he is on the field (Photo: Parker Waters).

My home in Los Angeles has a gigantic televison, measuring almost eight feet across. It is part of a home theatre system that came with house. Nothing is better than watching the Saints on my own personal jumbotron than actually being at the games. Well, most of the time that is.

Sometimes you get to see things on TV that you can't see in the arena even with giant replay screens. This year, I saw something on my big screen that I had not noticed before. I am sure it's always been there but via the high definition of a giant television screen, I was able to see it and it's worth your attention.

What is it? It's Drew Brees' eyes, those great big baby blues that we've all come to know and love. Yes, they are nice but there is something more. He doesn't close them.

When under even extreme pressure or in the grasp of a sack, when most quarterbacks are shutting their eyes and accepting their fate, Drew has his wide open. He is looking, searching, scanning the field looking for a possible target for the pigskin. This is no small accomplishment.

Having worked in and being a fan of boxing, I learned about the ability to keep your eyes open and focused on the prize. The Greatest, aka the one and only Muhammad Ali, was able to keep his eyes open as a punch came within inches of hitting his pretty face. This allowed him to counter punch while the other fighter was most exposed. This talent helped make him, well, The Greatest.

My friend, Larry Holmes learned this skill from Ali while serving as his sparring partner. He learned it well. In addition to the best jab in the business, Holmes was also known as one of the best counter punches to ever engage in the Sweet Science. With the ability to watch a punch in and then counter, Holmes was able to defend his title a still unmatched 19 consecutive times.

When you watch Drew Brees play next time, watch his eyes. They are open and looking for a target, which he finds in some incredible ways. I believe his ability to keep them open is part of what makes him the future Hall of Fame player that he is.

When it comes to Champions, perhaps the eyes have it.

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