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Dickson affirms Tulane commtiment to Big East

Tulane athletic director Rick Dickson is not showing any sign of concern publicly about the stability of his school's new conference.

In a letter to contributors to the department, Dickson confirmed Tulane's commitment to moving into the Big East Conference:

"I know there have been a lot of reports, as well as rumors, swirling around the BIG EAST. However, I want to assure you that Tulane is fully committed to the BIG EAST and is working very closely with the other on-going members to create a strong, vibrant conference. The universities that comprise the BIG EAST now and into the future are well-respected academic institutions with strong national name recognition and a history of success in all the major sports."

Seven league basketball schools and football-only member-in-waiting have decided to part ways with the Big East since the announcement in late November that Tulane would join the league as an all-sports participant in two years.

"Losing Boise State was disappointing, but I am proud that the BIG EAST did not compromise its standards and accede to Boise's inappropriate and unreasonable demands," Dickson said.

Other concerns about the loss of more members were acknowledged by Dickson. San Diego State may follow the same path as Boise State and step back from its Big East commitment.

"It's not unrealistic to think that we may lose another member, but the conference is being aggressive in its planning and will remain a strong conference," said Dickson.

Big East football champion Louisville, an impressive winner over Florida in this year's Sugar Bowl, is now headed to the ACC. Recent stalwart program Rutgers will leave the league as well for a lucrative future in the Big Ten.

In the ever-changing landscape of college conference alignment, Tulane still appears to be better positioned as a Big East member than in its current home, Conference-USA. The Green Wave joins a slew of former C-USA schools in the Big East including Memphis where AD Tom Bowen made a similar public pledge to Dickson's this week in moving forward with their summer 2013 shift to the ever-changing BCS league.